Airborne Art: A Traveler’s Dream

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Being in hospitality design gives us many opportunities to explore and shoot some of the greatest cities in the world. But we don’t often find ourselves behind a lens from hundreds of feet in the air! Matt and Holly Coakley, the husband and wife duo behind Blue Mantle Media, capture the heart and soul of the cities around the world from a bird’s eye view. We caught up with Matt at the tail end of a 14-month road trip around America for some insight into some of their travel videography and photography.

Describe some of your favorite working moments. 

Matt: One of the most inspiring things for me is beautiful landscapes…especially at sunrise and sunset. I love it when I’m up early in the morning waiting for a sunrise, and sometimes I can just tell it’s going to be a good one. The clouds are just right and the pre-dawn glow starts to reveal a wonderful landscape around me. I’m not typically an early riser, but when I’m working on a particular project I do get up for sunrises (out of necessity) and I’m always happy once I get out there.


Pinnacle National Park




Grand Canyon National Park



Your art features such breathtaking views– how do you find the perfect shot?

Matt: My wife, Holly, helps out a lot (seriously… A LOT). She plans which locations I should film, keeping an eye out for particularly pretty shots that are different from your typical shots. She has such an eye for unique and detailed perspectives. She also helps a lot on the post-production side of things– finding songs for our videos, helping with color correction, and critiquing the edits I make.

A few of our favorite shots from Holly’s Instagram in Lower Antelope Canyon.





How were you able to capture so many locations?

Matt: Well, for starters my family traveled the country together for 14 months filming videos. My 27-month-old daughter has spent more than half of her life on the road in our “home with wheels,” her nickname for our RV. We’ve had some amazing experiences together. One of our favorite trips was when we spent a week and a half in Death Valley in February/March. There was certainly a lot of time spent filming the timelaspe video below, but we also made it a point to go on excursions nearby.

Check out two of our favorite Blue Mantle Media videos from Death Valley and Ireland:

We look forward to working with this dynamic team in the future for upcoming projects!

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