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Table for Two: Budapest Restaurant Design

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The Hospitality Interiors’ introductory feature for Deák St. Kitchen first attracted our inner foodie, but it was B3 Designers’ artistic story and execution that made the Ritz-Carlton Budapest next on our list of Places to Be.

Entrance by B3 Designers

Entrance by B3 Designers

This redesigned, 170-room luxury stay boasts an excellent location and has been coined “the Pearl of the Danube.” The stunning city haven brings the best of modern amenities while respectfully maintaining many original architectural details and a deep appreciation for the local Hungarian influences. Deák St. Kitchen’s impeccable design reflects the same guest experience, both as a hotel dining option and as an independent restaurant.

Deak Restaurant Design

Design by B3 Designers

The restaurant’s design details rise to the high standard of sophistication and elegance expected of any destination along Fashion Street. From delicate rose gold trim on lighting and mirrors, to leather and walnut furnishings on Hungarian point timber flooring, every detail speaks of the renowned Ritz-Carlton hospitality and comfortable luxury. Guests and locals alike can pause their shopping to step into an authentically local, but completely unique, dining experience.

Deak Restaurant Design3

Design by B3 Designers

Deak Restaurant Design 4

Design by B3 Designers

Deak Restaurant Design 6

Design by B3 Designers

B3 Designers’ design themes permeate every aspect of Deák St. Kitchen—whimsical hand-drawn artwork even made its way onto the menus!

Menu Design

Menu by B3 Designers

Deak Restaurant Design Menu 2

Branding by B3 Designers

Our appetite has been whet—the Ritz-Carlton’s Deák St. Kitchen in Budapest is next on our travel wish list.