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Casting the Mold: Jessica Durrant

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Fashion. Travel. A shared hometown (Atlanta). Jessica Durrant’s artwork features more than a few of our favorite things.

Durrant gives her life and emotions the freedom to inspire her work. As the daughter of a Marine, relocation was a constant challenge throughout her childhood. She now credits this for her fearless appreciation and passion for travel. Durrant brings this same attitude to her skyline and architecture pieces. The quick, expertly blended strokes of her watercolors illustrate the iconic landmarks of various cities, but do not overtake the free-spirited feel of her work.

Midnight in a Perfect NY

“Midnight in a Perfect NY” by Jessica Durrant

One Night in Rome

“One Night in Rome” by Jessica Durrant

This same beautiful balance of precision without rigidity makes her fashion pieces some of the most sophisticated and unique that we have come across. We love the way Durrant chooses bold colors without overwhelming the simplicity of her design.

Perfect Parisian Heel

“Perfect Parisian Heel” by Jessica Durrant

Yellow Bow Girl

“Yellow Bow Girl” by Jessica Durrant

Watercolor Peacock No. 3

“Watercolor Peacock No. 3” by Jessica Durrant

Vintage Glamour

“Vintage Glamour” by Jessica Durrant