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Casting the Mold: Ruth Oosterman

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We knew we had stumbled upon an inspirational artist when we could sit and stare at her homepage in admiration! Ruth Oosterman‘s work is all about harmony and balance. She has mastered many mediums in bold vibrant colors and stark monochromatic neutrals. Her pieces range from realism to abstract, from serious to whimsical moods.

"Toronto Skyline" by Ruth Oosterman

“Toronto Skyline” by Ruth Oosterman


“Rainbow” by Ruth Oosterman

"Not All Who Wander are Lost" by Ruth Oosterman

“Not All Who Wander are Lost” by Ruth Oosterman

Angelina Jolie by Ruth Oosterman

“Angelina Jolie” by Ruth Oosterman

Oosterman’s portfolio also includes an collaborative, intergenerational side: artwork with her toddler. Their work is free-spirited and beautiful! We admire her openness to inspiration throughout the creative process, especially allowing her vision for a piece to evolve with each stroke’s movement. Check out the videos on Oosterman’s Google+ page of Ruth and Eve’s mother-daughter, co-created artwork!

"Sunflower Princess" by Ruth and Eve

“Sunflower Princess” by Ruth and Eve

The Lady and the Fox

“The Lady and the Fox” by Ruth and Eve