Inspiration to Reality: Behind the Lens

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As artists in the hospitality industry, every time we check into a hotel, we immediately scope out the décor. In particular, we always do a mental critique of the artwork, from lobby and elevators to corridors and guest rooms. An expertly curated hotel becomes a home away from home.

The first night back at a hotel is a true litmus test of how effectively the design has enhanced the guest experience. For us, it means waiting for an elevator and feeling like a local while recognizing the landmark on the wall.

Castle Central Park

Belvedere Castle in Central Park

Manhattan Bridge NY

Manhattan Bridge, NY

Or brushing our teeth while studying the unique vantage point of the beach or the native wildflower along the trail we walked down that morning.

Waterfront in Jacksonville


Sunset on the Beach

Sunset on the Beach

Native Tennessee Wildflower

Native Tennessee Wildflower

Our artwork service’s goal is to work with each client to bring these same experiences to their guests. With their guidance, we highlight what there is to love about the local area, while following the overall design ambiance. Our gallery is constantly being updated to provide a sampling of our latest shots.

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