Meet and Greet: Nicole

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Nicole Lancour spreads the word about Art Foundry International and works as part of our graphics team. 

Most companies have a social media presence, but why does Art Foundry International blog?

Our blog ArtFOUNDry, is our way of sharing who has inspired us, how we are constantly growing as artists, and connecting with the current art culture. The beauty of Art Foundry International is that we all have a passion for creating– and we are lucky enough to do it for a living!

How did you become part of the Art Foundry International Team?

Saloni and I met before college. We spent hours sketching, painting, and stretching each other as artists before our high school art show. I remember late nights of sipping her mom’s iced coffee in our makeshift basement studio, trying to figure out how to transport wet pieces home or to school the next day. Since then, we have kept in touch and visited whenever we are in the same city. The rest is history!

high school art show

Throwback to our first art show!

What has been your favorite project so far?

I love seeing our artwork in its final home! This really hit me when our Tennessee final project shots came in. Since we begin working with our designers and hotels at concept and design, we really do see each step of the process. From the first glimpse of the image/painting to seeing everything on the production floor in pieces ready for assembly, each project truly is a journey. It is so rewarding to see everything come together and be able to put the perfect finishing touch on a space!

What is the most exciting thing on AFI’s horizon?

I am most excited about the community we are forming with our artists and clients. Each project has stretched us and expanded our creativity, while introducing us to some fantastically creative designers and hospitality professionals. We are very excited to partner with them to transform their spaces into homes for positive experiences for everyone who encounters them.

Small Talk

Comfort Food? Anything Italian! Homemade pizza and eggplant parmesan are family favorites, especially now that we are harvesting dozens of Roma tomatoes a week from our summer garden!

Weekend Escape? Spending time on the water fishing, swimming and soaking up the sun are essential when the kiddos wake us up early on a Saturday morning.

I’m at the airport leaving for… the UK! My husband’s family is from England so we keep our passports current and a close eye on flights, just in case we get a craving for fresh fish and chips, a Harvey’s pint, or our favorite Marks & Spencer’s jaffa cakes!

Favorite space? Our home! Right now we are in the process of renovating, so each room is slowly taking on our own evolving style. Floors are in, moulding is almost up, and we are considering beginning construction on a screened in porch.

kitchen in progress

In progress shot of our kitchen.