Meet and Greet: Saloni

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Saloni Desai is our founder and CEO here at Art Foundry International. Her unique style and passion for art found a fruitful home in the interior design industry.

What is the inspiration behind the launch of Art Foundry International?

I’ve grown up in the interior design scene. My mom has a natural knack for making a space a home, so I have always been surrounded by beautiful, comforting, and unique international styles. My father, who works in the Interior Design industry on the construction side, is an amazing professional mentor. More importantly, I have a living, breathing example of how passion and talents can– and should- be interwoven into one’s career! Dad let me shadow him throughout high school and college, pushed me to keep climbing higher on the corporate ladder, watched me bring my design ideas to fruition as I furnished my very own first home, and waited patiently for the day when I said, “I’m ready to follow my dream.” And Art Foundry International (AFI) was born! IMG_1946






How did you choose AFI’s focus on art work, accessories, and furnishings?

I love the idea of putting the finishing touch on a room that makes it a completely new space. I have always been attracted to perfecting the small details in a way that makes a big impact.

What has been your favorite project so far?

I really enjoyed working on a recent hotel project down in Florida. The colors in each of the pieces we created to completely complement every aspect of the overall design. I am proud to hang my artwork in such a carefully designed space and know that every guest entering the hotel will be inspired and rejuvenated in the atmosphere we have designed.

What is the most exciting thing on AFI’s horizon?

With Art Foundry International, our expansion is limitless! As we move toward our own exclusive line of custom furnishings, I cannot imagine ever ending the day saying: “I have exhausted all our options. We have done all we can in this field.” It is so energizing to work with such talented artists and designers and watch creativity feed creativity in such a dynamic way!

Small Talk

Comfort Food? Homemade pani puri- it’s such a treat! I have so many memories of family celebrations over these bite-sized delicacies: miniature fried hollow crisps cracked open and stuffed with rich, chuntey-flavored potatoes, chickpeas, onions, beans and water infused with mint, green chili and cilantro…mmm…

Weekend Escape? I love discovering new areas of the city- spending time downtown, visiting farmers markets and different food/art festivals, being outdoors, strolling through vintage boutiques, and stopping at new restaurants. I love Atlanta!

Style Icon? My mom. Definitely my mom.

I’m at the airport leaving for… Paris. Everything about Paris speaks to the artist in me! Its influence on history, the evolution of fashion- ahh la ville de ma coeur.

Favorite space? My closet! I could sit in there all day. Every space, each corner, has a purpose. All of my accessories have their own home- jewelry, belts, scarves, shoes- all beautifully organized and designed to keep my whole wardrobe at my fingertips!