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We are excited to feature Jorge Zuniga of (mute art), especially with our latest public space artwork projects on the horizon. Each of his pieces are expertly created to capture movement and passion in unique and expressive mediums.

Describe your journey as an artist.

Jorge: I have been an artist for all my life that I can remember. Honestly, my career as an artist really started hardcore after high school around 2007. So far the journey is like roller coaster up and down—with right now going well!

As a mural artist, how have you developed unique skills?

Jorge: Graffiti was one of my ways that helped me learn ”can control” and using the ”spray can.” This method constructed speed and the skill to not look back to see the image, saved time and led me to use my guide lines.

JorgeZuniga Mute Art
We love seeing your unique combinations of detailed animal or human subjects with other elements. How do you choose your compositions?

Jorge: Just on the way I feel at the moment. I usually try to aim for simple and abstract, but overall everything. I use a variety of materials: murals, canvas, cardboard, sculpture, metal fab, body paint, graphic design, and stencils, graffiti, etc.






Some of your work includes logos and graphics– can you describe your creative process for keeping the art in commercial artwork?

Jorge: I always try to explain the value of art. There is a true difference between mass production prints and unique original art pieces that are one of a kind.




We look forward to working with Jorge Zuniga at (mute art) in the near future!

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