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We loved last month’s feature from Hospitality Interiors on the new restaurant design trend pioneered by Buckley Gray Yeoman in the UK. BGY brings a refreshingly individual style to each of the Nando’s restaurant locations it “reinvents.” There is no single focus for the project. Rather than maintaining a formal Portuguese style or blending into the city, the restaurant’s heritage and location’s building features are free to mold the design so that each Nando’s has its own personality.

Restaurant Design Nando's Dundee

Nando’s Dundee from Hospitality Interiors

Restaurant Design Nando's Glasgow

Nando’s Glasgow from Hospitality Interiors

Restaurant Design Nando's Dublin

Nando’s Dublin from Hospitality Interiors

In addition to the freedom of the design, we are impressed with the project’s commitment to artistic authenticity. Much of the artwork is pulled from a South African art foundation of which Nando’s is a member. Combine that with elements like original chandeliers and exposed steel framing and brickwork, and the result is a comfortable, eclectic, and unique haven in the midst of busy cities.

Restaurant Design Nando's St. Helen

Nando’s St. Helens from Hospitality Interiors