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On Our Coffee Table: Boutique Design

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We were excited to read the latest Boutique Design Magazine article announcing Canopy by Hilton. Not only are we thrilled to see one of our own recent partners announcing new initiatives, but their vision blew us away. The design concept highlights local inspiration and inviting guests to fully experience the city in which they visit. We love their commitment to dynamic and energizing …

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On Our Coffee Table: Hospitality Interiors

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We loved last month’s feature from Hospitality Interiors on the new restaurant design trend pioneered by Buckley Gray Yeoman in the UK. BGY brings a refreshingly individual style to each of the Nando’s restaurant locations it “reinvents.” There is no single focus for the project. Rather than maintaining a formal Portuguese style or blending into the city, the restaurant’s heritage and location’s …


On Our Coffee Table: Maine Home+Design

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In keeping with the trend of unique houses (like our recent treehouse staycation post), we couldn’t resist sharing Maine Home+ Design’s feature on a charming cabin– which floats on the Fox Island Thoroughfare in Maine. Built by a couple initially as a rental property, this 240-square-foot “Chateau Bathtub” was too perfect to share and has become their residence from thaw until winter’s …

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On Our Coffee Table: Curbed

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We find inspiration in variety, especially when it comes to travel and hospitality. We are constantly adding to our travel wish list (most recently Hotel Okko in Nantes and The Peninsula Paris). However, this Curbed post reminded us to remember our roots and consider a good ole fashioned Atlanta staycation– with a twist. Now, these Buckhead treehouses are not your childhood forts. Each one pairs …


On Our Coffee Table: WSJ Magazine

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In June, the Wall Street Journal Magazine featured “The Peninsula,” a Parisian hotel reborn. For obvious reasons, a hotel renovation in a glamorous city peaked our interest. But, it was the stories from within those walls that captured our attention to the point of fascination. Behind six layers of paint, lay the legacy of the kind of gatherings today’s artists and history buffs …