On Our Coffee Table: Maine Home+Design

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In keeping with the trend of unique houses (like our recent treehouse staycation post), we couldn’t resist sharing Maine Home+ Design’s feature on a charming cabin– which floats on the Fox Island Thoroughfare in Maine. Built by a couple initially as a rental property, this 240-square-foot “Chateau Bathtub” was too perfect to share and has become their residence from thaw until winter’s …

Azuma Makoto: Botanical Space Flight

Casting the Mold: Out of This World

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We recently read an article on the T Magazine blog that exploded our subconscious creative boundaries. Tokyo-based artist, Azuma Makoto, designed, arranged, and photographed a unique floral bouquet with 30 global varieties and an intricate, carefully selected bonsai tree – 91,800 feet above the earth. The results blew us away. The paradox of delicate, botanical life against the isolated, somewhat …