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Traveling Exceptionally Well

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As travelers who appreciate the details, we are very excited about avid hotels, the emerging IHG brand focusing on “the essentials done exceptionally well.”

avid hotel IHG public space

This fresh, clean design mirrors the goals of bringing the frequent traveler the amenities they desire at an uncompromising quality and at a fair price.

avid hotels IHG Guest Room

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avid hotel IHG double guest

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Comfortable guest rooms, along with complimentary breakfast and the highest speed Wi-Fi, bring more than just an everyday experience to the everyday traveler.

avid hotels IHG workspace

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avid hotels IHG entry

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avid hotel IHG bathroom

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As an industry pioneer, IHG again seeks to set the bar high by meeting these quality and pricing standards, while maintaining their commitment to being environmentally friendly. With locations expected to open in 2019, we will be watching the progress of avid hotels as they change the landscape of midscale hotels.