Our “Tru” Take on Tru by Hilton’s Hospitality Design

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As the midscale sector booms, the latest designs from the Tru by Hilton brand bring a fresh and enjoyable hotel experience at an accessible price point.

(c) 2016 Hilton Worldwide

Guest Room (c) 2016 Hilton Worldwide

They pack their modern design with personality, making a quick stay in a city an opportunity for socializing, networking, or relaxing. In today’s hotel, modern pieces have an impressive impact on the guest experience; we see it on property at our recent projects in Jacksonville and Albany!


Guest Bathroom (c) 2016 Hilton Worldwide


Room and Wardrobe Space (c) 2016 Hilton Worldwide

We love how the Tru by Hilton zone-based public space focuses on quadrants designed for lounging, working, eating, and playing. From foosball and “Build Your Own” breakfast bars to digital keys and a multifunctional fitness center, guests can find whatever they seek throughout their stay. Plus, free Wi-Fi is a guest’s best friend– at work and at play!



Dining Space (c) 2016 Hilton Worldwide


Work Alcove (c) 2016 Hilton Worldwide

Through their hospitality design details and their attention to a modern guest’s needs, Tru by Hilton brings the Hilton brand standards to an efficient and simplified hotel experience. We have started planning our stay-cation; their first groundbreaking took place in our home state, Georgia. We look forward to working on a future Tru by Hilton project by providing AFI custom furnishings for their unique design needs!